06/03 - Bounty Killer in jail again and used 'one phone call' to threaten victim.....

It's as if having his US visa cancelled last week wasn't bad enough for Bounty Killer.

The controversial entertainer, born Rodney Price, went one better on Sunday night after being arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm. He was arrested on
warrant following an incident that was reported to have occurred on
March 25. Price's girlfriend decided to end their three-year
relationship, police said. It is alleged that he responded by refusing
to let her go and attacked her. The woman reported the matter to the
police, an investigation was launched and a warrant was subsequently
issued for his arrest.

But following his arrest yesterday, Price compounded his problems even further. According to police, the 37-year-old entertainer, also known as the Warlord and founder of the
dancehall collective known as Alliance, while being processed, was
allowed to make a phone call.

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