OVER the years Buju Banton has recorded songs that speak to the social conditions. These powerful lyrics effectively capture the heart and soul of people trying to hold their heads up in difficult circumstances. It is ironic that these songs might just be the inspiration to lift the deejay’s spirit. One must now wonder whether Buju was speaking to his own fate.

Not An Easy Road

Although the deejay has received a sentence of 10 years, it is hoped that he will not have to serve all that time. But whether he does 10 or six, it certainly will not be an easy road.


If Buju could have ruled his destiny we all know how this whole scenario would have played out.

Give I Strength

“Lord give I strength, never let I fail, to live out the greater part of my days, give I strength, Jah give I strength never let I fail.” Buju’s friends and fans should be saying ‘amen’ to this prayer.

All Will Be Fine

“Seems you cannot make it but you can, Though the road maybe winding and long, Our feet might get weary but not our minds, We will find light in the darkest of times.” Ultimately, the Gargamel will have to keep trodding, knowing that it should all be fine in the end.

Hills and Valleys

“Why try to make I unhappy, Really I don’t know, If it was up to them my friend, We would never see the sun nor the snow…” the words from this song says it all.


Some say he was a target of the gay community, others think he was framed, but whatever the real reason it’s all attributed to circumstances.

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