Corey Todd Bottles Stone Love Selector For Playing Vybz Kartel’s Song In His Club?

Former Vybz Kartel business associate, Corey Todd is the center of a recent controversy involving him and Stone Love selector, Bill Cosby. The selector is accusing Corey Todd of disrespect and assault following an incident at Club Riddim that occurred as Cosby was playing a series of Vybz Kartel songs, to Todd’s displeasure.


Stone Love selector Bill Cosby took over the turntables sometime after 2 a.m., at the weekly event Swag Tuesdays. In the process of juggling, he played some Vybz Kartel songs but apparently this did not go down well with Todd who is also the club owner.

“Mi start play about 10 minutes after two. In the process of playing I feel a banner drop inna mi head. When mi look mi see Corey Todd a point. Mi brush it off and continue play but one mind say look up and when mi look him have a cardboard box full a CDs in him hand. Him throw it offa mi so mi use mi hand fi box it and the box drop pan di ground and the CD dem scatter,” the selector told reporters.

He explained that, “Mi is not a selector that give trouble, mi no walk wid entourage and mi no have no enemies. We affi mek people know cause a dem ting yah selector a go through.”

While he says that he is not about taking sides he also said that he is disappointed that Todd felt that he had to assault him to prove a point.

“If a person like that come on public TV and paint a picture of the artiste (Vybz Kartel) and doing the same thing then him worse than the artiste,” he expressed.


Cosby, who says that he had been in pain since the incident, told the media that he reported the matter to the police yesterday.



When contacted yesterday, Corey Todd said, “I don’t have much to say other than I asked the selector not to play a particular song before hand because it’s a diss song.”

He explained that while the selector was playing the tune he dropped a cup on him to get his attention at which point he looked up then ignored him. He said he then dropped a banner on him to get his attention again.

“There was no altercation at all but that song is a diss song directed towards me from Kartel,” he stated.

The businessman told the media that he wanted to set the record straight and let people know that he is not fighting Vybz Kartel’s music. He further noted that after the incident the other selectors played more Vybz Kartel songs.

“I’m not fighting Kartel’s music but it’s a derogatory song and I wanted it to be stopped,” he said.

In the meantime, Todd says that he wants to make it clear to selectors that they cannot come to his club and play that kind of song.

“I just think the selector thought he could get a hype offa that song. Mi nuh tek dis enu and mi nuh dis nobody,” he said.

In May, Todd and Kartel parted ways after he claimed that the entertainer, who was his business partner for Street Vybz Rum and the Building nightclub, was threatening his life.

Since the split, Todd has gone on to rebrand the club and the rum to Club Riddim and Yard Swag Rum, respectively. He has also taken up the management role for Aidonia and former Portmore Empire deejay Jah Vinci.

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