The arrest of veteran reggae artiste, Denroy Morgan in the Bronx, New York yesterday for drug charges has sparked much chatter among industry players.

The patriarch, of the reggae music industry’s Morgan clan which includes new star Laza Morgan and the members of reggae group Morgan Heritage was reportedly arrested after the police saw him leaving a Bronx house carrying 25 pounds of ganja.

Denroy Morgan’s capture reportedly led to the seizure of 310-pounds of marijuana and the arrest of another man caught who was carrying 16 pounds of the drug.

According to reports, New York detectives were working on an unrelated case, when they saw Denroy Morgan walking out of a building carrying what appeared to be a brick of ganja in shrink-wrap packaging. They followed him, and Morgan’s car was pulled over for running a stop sign.

The police said they notice a strong marijuana odor when Morgan rolled-down his window, which led to the trunk of the vehicle where they reportedly found two large bags filled with 25 pounds of ganja.

Armed with a warrant, the police then searched the house and found 310-pounds of marijuana there.

Both Morgan and the man have been charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Denroy Morgan was held in lieu of US$8,000 bail.

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