BETWEEN Friends, the tale of love, sex and betrayal, written, directed and produced by M Omari Jackson won the Best cinematography prize at the UK-based International Film-maker Film Festival on Saturday night.

Jackson is of Trinidadian and Jamaican heritage.

 This sexually charged feature film of Caribbean lives and loves is set to debut on the cinematic landscape soon.

Set in Trinidad and Tobago, Between Friends focuses on a summer of exploration, revelation and change; capturing the relationship dynamics of a group of friends, all recent university graduates; as well as the younger sibling of one of them and her friends.

Giselle (Taromi Lourdes Joseph), a recent graduate and her younger sister Mia, (Vanna Girod), are at the nexus of events that will impact theirs and the lives of their friends forever. Malik, (Gregory Pollonias), has been in love with Giselle for years. She knows this and leads him to the brink at times but holds out with the excuse of her boyfriend overseas. Malik's best friend, Kimani, (Kearn Samuel), is the resident 'playa', constantly on the prowl. He has one woman who is the apple of his eye but he just can't commit, so she maintains her independence.

Meanwhile, Malik is increasingly frustrated over his situation with Giselle and seeks advice from Kimani, who tells him to go for her once and for all.

Mia has what she considers the perfect relationship with a much older man, Dennis (Wayne Lee-Sing), whom she believes is not married. She is the centre of attention with her friends, when she shares explicit tales of her sexual encounters with Dennis.

Dennis is actually married to Leanne (Stacey Clarke), with two beautiful daughters. Leanne often confides in her sister, Kayla about Dennis's lack of interest in their relationship. On her sister's advice, Leanne attempts to put the spark back into the marriage but the plan backfires. Also on Kayla's advice, Leanne gets a medical check-up and is asked to donate blood. Her blood is tested for STDs with devastating results that ripple through the group of friends.

Between Friends is a Sovereign City Entertainment production. The company presently based in Trinidad and Tobago, with operations in Jamaica, is a Caricom television and film production. The principal of the company is M Omari Jackson, an Emerson College graduate who has worked professionally in the television and film industries in many countries since 1997.

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