Controversy over gospel songs - Flemmings claims songs, Levy says not so

Western Bureau:

St Catherine-based gospel singer Patricia Levy, who delighted patrons at the recently staged Little Ochi Seafood Carnival with several songs made popular by fellow gospel singer Joan Flemmings, is challenging the authorship of the songs.

Flemmings, who was also on the show and was seemingly not pleased about the use of the songs by Levy, told The STAR that while she has no problem with the songs being used by a fellow artiste, being on the same show, she should have been consulted.

"I don't have a problem with my songs being used, because it happens all the time," said Flemmings. "As long as they go to a show and they don't have anything to move the crowd, they draw for my songs you would never hear of a Bob Marley set to perform and another performer goes up and sings his songs."

However, Levy who resembles and sounds like Flemmings, is contending that the songs she performed are owned by the Portmore RB Gospel Group of which she was a part.

"They are all 'sing-over' songs, she has not recorded any one of these songs," said Levy. "The Lord Is My Shepherd song is the only song that might be her original and she has never spoken to me about it."

During her performance, Levy belted out songs like, Rock My Soul, Warning, The Lord Is My Shepherd and Masser God A God, creating quite a stir among the appreciative fans.

respect is important

When Flemmings took the stage, her body language suggested that she was annoyed at being upstaged by Levy. Nonetheless, she gave a fairly decent performance in her stint, which lasted for just over 20 minutes.

"It is good that they are spreading my work, but a little respect is important," said Flemmings. "but that didn't stop me, I was able to sing songs from my repertoire so I was able to still please the patrons, so I am pleased."

However, in response to Flemmings' curt comments, Levy said using the songs in question during her performance was by no means a show of disrespect as according to her, she considers Flemmings an icon in gospel music.

"I have a lot of respect for her (Flemmings)," said Levy. "These are people who set the pace for me."

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