DANCEHALL star Demarco, whose hit single I Love My Life which has gained over 10 million viewers on YouTube, is turning his love for life into a Christmas jingle for telecoms provider LIME.

Replacing the word ‘life’ with ‘LIME’, Demarco has remixed the 2011 smash hit creating a very catchy jingle which highlights the company's Christmas offer of a lifetime of services.

 I Love My Life is already featured in one of the commercials for the Christmas of a Lifetime campaign, in which LIME gifts its customers with free services for 40 years. After they overcome the surprise of winning, lucky customers spontaneously sing and dance to the chart-topping hit while receiving their prizes.

“This song is such a great sentiment to the celebration of life; it is about enjoyment, feeling good and living life to the fullest. Plus, it is a huge hit. That's why it is perfect for our Christmas of a Lifetime promotion because what we are giving our customers will make them feel good, eliminating some of their financial responsibilities for not one but up to 40 years. This is a historic promotion as it has never been done before by any brand anywhere in the region. We give people lots to celebrate,” said Grace Silvera, Regional Vice-president, marketing and corporate communications at LIME.

The Christmas of a Lifetime promotion will name 330 individual winners of Landline, Internet, Mobile and TV service for 40 years as well as five winners of all the services for the same time period.

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