Scammers target Masicka - Use fake Facebook, Twitter accounts to rob promoters

Dancehall deejay Masicka is warning that there are unscrupulous persons seeking to cash in on his success by setting up fake Facebook and Twitter pages.

The scam artists have reportedly stepped up their activities since his Heaven single became a big hit at events in the Corporate Area.

Masicka is seeking to remedy the malicious work of scammers plaguing his career by appealing to the public to be more discerning in how they conduct business.

Since June 2013, a fake Facebook account has triggered numerous reports by sound system personnel who have been swindled.

"Since the summer start, people have been contacting us about this whole Facebook thing. At that time, my management team neva tek it too serious because entertainers always have fans who make pages. But now we realise that people are being swindled for dubs, because I have been contacted saying where are the dubs, and how much dem send money and caan get de money and that is damaging my rep in the streets," Masicka said in a release to THE STAR.

rogue studios

He added that there are rogue studios that specialise in spliced dubs.

"Mi hear couple splice dubs with my songs dem, the man dem ah go hard. They need to respect the artistes and not mess with their income, this, along with shows, is how we feed our families," he said.

Masicka stated that his manager is the only person authorised to conduct business on his behalf.

"The only person to contact for bookings is Corey Todd at 408-2278. He is my manager and the only person allowed to conduct business on my behalf. Corey Todd doesn't operate business through social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter were created for the fans, and for Masicka to interact with the fans. "Don't send any money to anyone claiming via bbm or Facebook that Masicka is in the studio doing jingles. You have been warned and we cannot be held responsible if you allow these scammers to trick you," Masicka said.

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