Spice says 'No Money, No Clash, No Sting!'

'No money, no clash'! That is what dancehall artiste Spice is saying to the promoters of the much-anticipated Sting stage show.

With the ongoing feud between her and fellow artiste Macka Diamond escalating in the past few weeks, patrons were looking forward to a showdown between the two female artistes.

However, Spice told The STAR that she was paid a sum of money to perform but that Laing offered her a measly $100,000 more for the clash.

Spice, however, is adamant that if she does not receive her requested amount, she will not be performing at the show.

"I just came back from Barbados and as me land, everybody a say them hear I'm gonna 'clash', and a that dem a come fi see. So, I called Supreme Promotions for my clash money since that's the case and them a laugh like a some joke thing and a talk monkey money. But me a nuh coke head, so dem need fi come good when dem a talk to me. Right now, it's either they are gonna pay me for the clash or there will be no Sting for me because me naw kill fi free. Once mi go Sting, me haffi clash because any gal call me name ova dat, me a go rub dem out flat. So, Laing can't play smart with me and then when I get there, think I'm gonna war for free," Spice warned.

She went on to say that females in the business have always been underpaid on stage shows.

"It has always been like this where women always get less or underpaid in comparison to the males. Well, right now, a we everybody a talk bout, so Laing need fi pay we fi it. Mi nuh business wid Macka cause me hear say a $50,000 she get, but me a woman who use to money so they need to come talk to me good," Spice said.

When contacted, CEO of Supreme Promotions, Isaiah Laing, told The STAR that the clash between Macka Diamond and Spice will definitely go on.

"The clash is going to go on. Spice is like a daughter to us so we will be working something out. Macka is ready for the clash and Spice is also ready, it's just that she sees where she can make some more money from this clash, but she doesn't need to be going that hard. I'm sure we'll reach an agreement, so the clash is definitely on," he said.

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