What a atacalpse inside ah Negril Beach Park this morning when crazy bottle start rain down pon the stage after the police dem lock off the event after 4 just after Kartel touch the stage. It look like the police dem mek up dem mind say any show him de pon, dem ah go lock it off. The police dem nuh want him inna dem area, the whole ting look a way, it just nuh look good.



It nuh look good fi Kartel none at all. The fans dem mash up over Negril Beach Park early this morning after the police dem pull the plug pon Vybz Kartel after 4 a.m., and the fans dem mash up the venue, crazy bottles fill the air, Hennessy bottle, Alize, Nuvo, dem all tek Street Vybz offa the shelf and a throw up de. Dem go rampant, dem fling everyting dem coulda find, nuff people ah say anno God come to Negril yesterday, ah the Devil come to Negril da night de , Negril people nuh normally gwaan so, but the police mussi provoke dem and lock off the show just as Kartel touch the stage. De people dem coulden control demself.

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