Mavado Breaks Silence On Bounty Killer Feud

 Mavado Breaks Silence On Bounty Killer Feud

Dancehall star Mavado may have broken his silence on the alleged feud between himself and his mentor Bounty Killer.

Earlier this month Urban Islandz broke news that there was a rift between the Mavado lead Gullyside and the Bounty Killer lead Alliance.

Today Mavado confirmed on his Facebook page that the feud did in fact started from the night his friend, Conroy Edwards, was slain by an off duty police officer at Bounty Killer birthday bash at the Quad.

“Ah Party Jus Ah Party, Mi NUH CARE Bout NO Party When One Ah Mi Friend Gone Dead, Ah Wam To Dem Bwoy.” (Mavado Facebook)

In June Mavado opened up about the circumstances that led to the shooting death of Conroy “Connie” Edwards.

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why everytime movado emi have beefs with someone each time......


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