David Brooks, aka Mavado, was involved in a vehicular accident on Sunday evening, in the Manor Park area of Kingston.

Mavado was travelling on his motorcycle in a convoy of other vehicles at around 5pm when a
female driver decided to turn into her driveway, cutting across his
lane. Mavado did what he could to take evasive action
but could not avoid the collision with the oncoming car. Mavado
was immediately taken to the Medical Associates Hospital
in Kingston where he underwent treatment for some
minor cuts and bruises. Doctors also did several X-rays
which thankfully all came back as showing everything normal.

He left hospital a little sore around 8.45 Sunday night to return home and get some rest. Mavado
will be a little sore for a couple of days but it could've been a lot
worse. He would like to thank all the well-wishers who called, text and
twitted, as well as Busy Signal, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg,
Serani, Adonia, Daseca, Kip Rich, Stacious, Boom Boom, Kibaki, Miss
and many other industry folk who arrived at the hospital
to check that the Gully God was fine.

As our priority was to ensure Mavado had medical assistance, we are unsure ,as
of now, if a report was made to the police regarding the accident and
what is to become of the driver.

Mavado is expected to be up on his feet and four (4) wheels and in the vocal booth within the coming

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Thanks for the info, i will be reporting this!!


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