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"PopCaan Got Scared" Says Ryno

Black Ryno has called PopCaan "scared" following their scuffle at Sting.

According to Ryno, who interrupted PopCaan’s performance his aim…


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Aidonia says he was not arrested

... Despite being whisked away by police after Sting performance

André Williams, STAR Writer

Dancehall heavyweight Sheldon Lawrence, more popularly known as Aidonia, was whisked away from the Jam World entertainment complex…


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Sizzla, Busy Signal shine at drama-filled STING 2012

In the New Living Translation version of the Bible, John 1:5 reads, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” Perhaps this enlightening quote from scripture sums up STING 2012 in a nutshell: A night filled with few stellar performances standing out above the drama and…


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Tommy Lee Sparta was not bottled Publicist also denies deejay being arrested in MoBay

Despite rumours that his recent performance in Guyana was marred by bottles being hurled at him, artiste Tommy Lee Sparta and his team are vehemently denying these allegations.

Rumours began spreading via Blackberry messenger and social media sites that Tommy Lee Sparta's performance at Slingerz…


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Bounty Killer plans to end 2012 on a high note

Dancehall elite Bounty Killer has pledged to end the musical year on a high when he performs as one of the major headline act on the much-anticipated Magnum Galiday Bounce stage show.

The event, set to take place on Sunday, December 30 at the Windalco Sports Complex in Ewarton, St Catherine, will be the final…


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Buju Banton Awaits Judge's Decision On New Trial Motion

Buju Banton armed with his lawyers appeared in the the Sam M Gibbons federal court in Tampa Florida earlier today for the hearing in his quest for a new trial.…


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Sizzla To Be Enstooled As Chief In Ghana

Sizzla Kolonji is getting ready to go to Ghana to be enstooled as chief, where he’s given hundreds of acres of lands.

The internationally renowned…


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Flippa Moggela In Jamaica Full Time?

Flippa Moggela’s immigration problem has caught up with him.

Flippa who doesn’t seem fazed, said has returned home and is not worried about going back to the United States. Nonetheless, Flippa admitted during the Entertainment Buzz Wednesday that he’ll miss the hype life and especially his…


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Macka Diamond willing to pay Spice for clash

With both artistes saying they won't clash at Sting unless they are being paid big bucks, artiste Macka Diamond says she is willing to pay Spice to clash her at her upcoming birthday party.

Macka Diamond told THE STAR that she believes that Spice is confused about the clash.…


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Bounty Killer stands up to hostile Chug It crowd

Sunday's staging of Chug It was highly anticipated, due to the fact that patrons were eager to see the outcome of Bounty Killer's much talked about performance following the booing of rival deejay Tommy Lee Sparta at the same event a week earlier.

Many dancehall fans wondered if the icon would suffer the same…


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Aidonia, Deablo return from tour

The leader of the JOP team Aidonia and his protégé, Deablo, returned to the island on Monday from their Run Road Tour in Europe.

The artistes were on tour for two weeks promoting their music and gaining new markets in countries such as France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, to name a…


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'Tis the season for dancehall rivalry

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

'Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the time when word-throwing and diss songs among dancehall rivals seem to intensify.…


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Spice says 'No Money, No Clash, No Sting!'

'No money, no clash'! That is what dancehall artiste Spice is saying to the promoters of the much-anticipated Sting stage show.

With the ongoing feud between her and fellow artiste Macka Diamond escalating in the past few weeks, patrons were looking forward to a showdown between the two female…


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Copyright Sound Recording In Jeopardy?

The copyright act for sound recording maybe in jeopardy come January 1, 2013, if an extension is not urgently granted before December 31, 2012.

This means that the sound recordings of 1962 would enter the public domain and free to be used by whoever wants to use these recordings without having to pay a fee to…


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Denroy Morgan Walks Free From Ganja Charge

Veteran reggae entertainer Denroy Morgan is now a free man.

The patriarch of the musical reggae band, Morgan’s Heritage who was arrested in the Bronx, New…


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Bounty Killa Booed And Sand At Chug It

Bounty Killa was booed and sand thrown at him during his performance at Rum Bar Chung It, weeks after Tommy Lee Sparta was booed at the said event for dissing Killa.

So was this a setup by fans of Tommy Lee Sparta?

Well, the booing started for Bounty after he dissed…


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Blakka mad at Macka

The lyrics used by Macka Diamond in a song said to be aimed at fellow female deejay Spice, titled Kill The Black One, has apparently offended at least one other public figure, comedian Owen 'Blakka' Ellis.

Ellis in an email sent to THE STAR stated that he was extremely upset by the labelling of the…


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L.A. Lewis calls for Ninja's head at Sting

Dancehall artiste L.A. Lewis is furious over insults hurled at him by fellow dancehall artiste Ninja Man after he extended an invitation for a clash to him recently.

According to L.A. Lewis, a clash between him and Ninja Man would provide Sting with the ultimate pull factor.…


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Konshens makes Sting return

There was no mention of a clash between Ninja Man and L.A. Lewis, but yesterday, organisers of Sting confirmed that singjay Konshens has been added to its line-up.

In a release last night, the promoters, Supreme Promotions, said the artiste was added to the line-up following the completion of negotiations. In…


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Konshens, Cham hailed by media personalities as 2012's finest

Konshens is tipped as being the potential deejay of the year for 2012 by several media personalities. Other familiar names also came up, among them Tifa for best female deejay, and Cham for best comeback artiste.

FIWI choice co-host Sasha Bling believes I-Octane should receive the best reggae artiste accolade…


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