The leader of the JOP team Aidonia and his protégé, Deablo, returned to the island on Monday from their Run Road Tour in Europe.

The artistes were on tour for two weeks promoting their music and gaining new markets in countries such as France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, to name a few.

The two expressed that they had lots of fun performing for the people in Europe and were overwhelmed at the support of the fans who turned out to each show.

"It's always a blessing performing in Europe and seeing my fans sing my songs word for word and they don't even speak English as a country; it shows that the love is definitely there," says Aidonia.

Deablo expressed: "Europe has taught me a whole lot. It is my second time there and it felt I was at home to how the people loved us. Give thanks to Aidonia and Lav for this experience in Europe again."

"This 2012 Europe tour, I must say is a real joy. It shows how much the people have been listening to Aidonia and loving my music to the fullest. It also shows me that people remembered Deablo from last year and now this year he has fans of his own. It's a proud feeling. I feel accomplished but you know the work nuh stop deh suh, just have to continue on the path we on right now and capitalise on it to the fullest," says Aidonia.

Very busy Christmas

The artistes' manager and booking agent, Lavarcam Lawerence, says that "the artistes will be very busy for the Christmas into the new year. First performance will be this Saturday in Linstead at Magnum Wet Wet, Boom Energy Drink Unsung Beats All-Island Roadshow Final in Linstead, Galidez Bounce , GT Extravaganza and Sting - The Greatest One-night Reggae Show on Earth, to name a few".

"I implore everyone to come out to Sting on Boxing Day. Aidonia told me he will definitely give an A++ performance as a real lyrical militant for dancehall. Additionally, Aidonia plans to end the year with a bang and will be surprising one of the less fortunate homes for charity," says Aidonia's publicist, Kaylia Williams.

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