Artistes, celebs ready to face 'Sandy'

As many persons hustle to prepare for Tropical Storm Sandy, public figures are just as busy getting ready for the possible disaster.

With a hurricane warning in effect for Jamaica yesterday as Tropical Storm Sandy moved towards the island, many persons took the opportunity to prepare for the storm. Sandy is expected to become a hurricane as it nears Jamaica today.

According to gospel artiste Omari, who recently launched his book, Why Me God, he is "as prepared as he can be." He said he has ensured that he has sufficient food in his house and all debris removed from his surroundings.

"I have to take it (Tropical Storm Sandy) seriously until it pass and they say it is no longer a danger to us," he said.


Dancehall artiste D'Angel was contacted in the midst of her preparation. She said she has to make sure there are enough batteries, food, candles and fuel for her generator and motor vehicle. While she prepares for herself and son Marco-Dean in Kingston, she said she also has to ensure that her family in Spanish Town is safe.

"I am going by what the meteorologists say, and based on that I am preparing myself. You can't take anything lightly," she told THE STAR.

Voicemail's Kevin Blair says he is also mindful of the tropical storm and has been getting the necessary things together. "I take it seriously. Yeah, wi seh wi blessed and most of these storms pass us, but you never know when we will get one," he said.

Not an eater of meat, I-Octane says he has dry foods and batteries. "I'm getting the essentials like water and things like that. I'm also checking on family and friends. Mi a check pon mi mother fi make sure she good and ting. Mi a check pon some random people and see who I can help 'cause we haffi look out for each other," he said.

Mi water tank full

While making sure that there is ample food, juice, water and snacks in her house, Stacious said: "Mi water tank full, BlackBerry and laptop fully charged and mi 'home sweet home' lamp full a kerosene oil. Is not a joke, mi a prepare, just a fret pon di boredom if light go."

Athlete Asafa Powell is also prepping for the storm. "I made sure I have enough diesel for my generator, grabbed a few extra food supplies, charged my LIME phones, secured my dogs and, of course, checked in on my family and close friends," he said.

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