Bounty Killer stands up to hostile Chug It crowd

Sunday's staging of Chug It was highly anticipated, due to the fact that patrons were eager to see the outcome of Bounty Killer's much talked about performance following the booing of rival deejay Tommy Lee Sparta at the same event a week earlier.

Many dancehall fans wondered if the icon would suffer the same fate as Tommy Lee. Their curiosity was answered at 9:30 p.m., Sunday night, when Iyara entered the stage singing Kill Dem. The young deejay delivered his lines with much conviction and energy, however, members of the audience were determined to spoil his set and sent him back to the pavilion with some early boos. Bling Dawg came next and quickly sped through two of his more popular songs before making way for the general, Bounty Killer.

At Bounty Killer's arrival Chug It erupted in youthful glee.

Strong response

"How dem sey Portmore nuh love Bounty Killer? A lie dem a sell," Bounty Killer said, and sang Bad Man Kill Fi Fun. He received a strong response for the song and went on to sing other classics such as Not Another Word and Bloodbath, each getting strong crowd support.

The War Lord's victory was somewhat temporary as some members of the audience began to show their true colour by throwing cups of sand on sections of the crowd while taking aim at the stage.

"A who throw dat? ... How unno fi try boo Iyara? ... a me buss the biggest artiste from Portmore, a Bounty Killer buss the biggest talents," Bounty Killer belted.

"Don't mek a fishstake and try mash this up," he warned.

The venue erupted in laughter and the icon went on to sing Look Into My Eyes and Cyah Believe Mi Eyes receiving favourable response. Members of the audience again sought to disrupt the Killer's set and again he retaliated.

"Dem instigate fi fling bottle at Follow Di Arrow, but mek mi tell yuh this. I am a weapon. Tell some bwoy lef Miss Ivy bwoy," Bounty Killer said.

The deejay went on to perform songs such as Gyal Pull Up, Burning Up featuring Angel Doolaz and Just A Sing Bout Gal. He received good responses from his real fans, however, constant incongruity from delinquent patrons prevented a smooth delivery of his set.

Nevertheless, Bounty Killer used his experience to his advantage and managed to stay on the stage adamant that he had got paid, and challenged the sand throwers to show themselves while he verbally insulted them in true Bounty Killer fashion.

Bounty Killer's quarrel with the sand throwers was so colourful to the extent that he was cautioned by the police at one point.

"Mi nuh waah nuh man tell mi nothing a dem bwoy deh wey a throw sand pon people inna di crowd, a dem unno fi guh look fah," Bounty Killer said.

He was later joined by his protégés Patexx and Kalado and they performed Nuh Gyal Cyah Tame Mi and Summer Time, which also got decent responses.

"Any man weh boo dem nuh have nuh pickney dem a gelding," Bounty Killer jabbed at the sand throwers.

DJs who played earlier were DJ Karisma, Razz and Biggy and Chromatic.

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