Copyright Sound Recording In Jeopardy?

The copyright act for sound recording maybe in jeopardy come January 1, 2013, if an extension is not urgently granted before December 31, 2012.

This means that the sound recordings of 1962 would enter the public domain and free to be used by whoever wants to use these recordings without having to pay a fee to the creators. So what does this mean for artistes, session musicians, producers and label owners?

Paul Campbell music publicist for Jamaica Sound Recording gives us more.

Carol Simpson, executive director at the Jamaica intellectual property office talks about the initiative that is been taken to get an extension for the copyright act for sound recording.

Every recorded song has two copyrights. The song composition and the sound recording and embodied within those two copyrights are 6 exclusive copyrights that dictate and drives the money and the music business. Therefore to gain critical revenues from the exploitation of a song, it is important to have legal protection of the song through copyright.

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