DaVille scores with When I’m With You

 SINGER DaVille seems to be back in the game with the release of his latest single When I’m With You.

Listening to him you can almost feel yourself being enveloped in his ultrasmooth voice as the soothing strains of the sweet reggae music adds that perfect touch.


 DaVille definitely hit all the right notes in When I’m With You and it’s not surprising that the song has made its way to the No 1 spot on Jamaica Music Chart and is now in the No 9 position on Hype TV Top 20 chart.

But then number ones are nothing new to the singer as he has found himself in that position many times. Among his top scoring

numbers were In Heaven, Can’t Get Over You and On My Mind.

That DaVille has a passion for singing is no secret, as he often jokes that he was born singing.

As a youngster, singing was his only escape from the trauma and painful life he was going through growing up. “My life was hard and to escape it all, I sang in church and at all the local school functions,” he reminisced.

Fast track to 2011 and DaVille is still very much doing what he does best – delivering heartwarming


Now under the direction of his own label, Fashozy Records Inc, DaVille is intent on riding the wave of success where his career is concerned.

The singer is already off to a flying start with his music being embraced in Japan, USA and the Caribbean.

“The best is yet to come,” DaVille promises.

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