General Degree to release new album

 GENERAL Degree is slated to released his eighth album Snapple Dapple Volume 1 at the end of summer. The album — which comprises 15-tracks — is the deejay's latest since Generally Speaking in 2004.

"This album shows how much I have improved. I have reinvented and modernised myself as the musical style has changed with time," said the artiste, whose real name is Cardiff Butt.

The deejay was quick to add that although his musical style has changed, he intends to do quality music and that is sometimes aired on the airwaves.

"The music hasn't change too positively since the 1990s. That was the best era for dancehall. Now an artiste or producer only needs to have his money for their song to top the charts," Degree said.

"As a result, I really don't think dancehall will be in existence 15 or 20 years into the future. Music lovers are now going back to the retro days. This is why shows like Yesterday and Heineken Good Times are so successful," he added.

Apart from putting final touches to his album, Degree is also busy preparing for his annual funday and stage show Manchester Fiesta which takes place on Emancipation Day, August 1.

He continued by saying that although he had kept a low profile from the dancehall scene for a few years, he still toured sections of Europe and the Caribbean.

"Although the hit singles haven't been constant for the past few years, the songs of yesteryear were durable enough to keep me touring. Also, I took the time to focus on Manchester Fiesta that I have been doing since 2005," he said.

General Degree was one of the reigning dancehall acts of the 1990s. He is best known for a number of hit songs like Granny, Mr Do It Nice, When I Hold You Tonight, Bodyguard, and Papa Lover. He released his first album Granny in 1992. Other compilation to follow included P'N'S (1994), Hardcore Sex Rated (2004) and Fi Real in 1999.

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