Dem say anno everyting good fi eat good fi talk but sometimes yuh haffi talk fi clear yuhself and clear yuh conscience. Is not all the while we must suffer in silence or be the burden bearer, especially when we know we have done nothing wrong.

In life, sometimes tough decisions have to be made in trying to attain what is best for your life. Like everybody else, mi want good fi myself too. Mi no allergic to good life and elevation and, as a hard-working young woman, I think I have a right to grow, a right to enhance my life and a right to profit from the hard work and sacrifice that I have put in over the years and continue to put in. I am not into bashing anyone because in life though some lessons are painful, there are things to learn that will help to fit us for the next stage in our lives. Even though it come wid whole heap a bawling and uncertainty, we owe it to ourselves to try and aim fi higher and better.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity I was given to work at a radio station that so many greats have passed through. As a young likkle girl, I'm forever grateful I got the chance fi siddung in a seat that was used by Barry G, Richie B, Alan Magnus, Dorraine Samuels and Barbara Gloudon, who are all legends in my eyes and who set the pace for others to come.

There comes a time, however, in a person's life when yuh cyaa jus siddung so, especially when it means dishonouring yourself and your worth. There is nothing wrong if an entity wants exclusivity as long as dem can pay for it and pay no necessarily mean money either. It is important that if a seemingly unfair ultimatum is going to be given, then a lucrative option must also be given to show interest in the person's development and growth.

How can it be that I should 'comfortable jus a siddung so and have my earning abilities cut and hindered while others reap benefits? I have not violated any stipulations of my contract and was professional and ethical enough to inform those in power of my move before it was done. I would never do anything to dishonour my loyal and caring fans cause unnu know me love unnu like mi life!

Many opportunities have come my way and mi look pass them, but when yuh can give up some yuh cyaa give up all. Everybody want tings and want a better life and mi cyaa wait til mi ole an grey an dem a class mi a dem time deh mi a look fi mek it count. It no mek sense fi idle out mi young days an when age tek mi, mi end up a almshouse an a dat some dutty people waa fi see but by God's grace a dat dem naa go see!

Mi hear seh a fire dem fire mi and that is a lie. I resigned. A very difficult resignation because mi respect mi job and respect my fans and those who have supported me over di years. It wasn't a money issue as some are trying to purport, it's about my ability to spread my wings and achieve more while being mindful of my obligations to them. But if mi still a do all that has been required of me, doing it to the best of my ability and still I'm being asked to give up yet another opportunity to elevate miself, mi haffi do what mi haffi do.

Mi love my fans dearly, an all mi a write dah article yah, tears inna mi eyes fi know seh there are those who believe that others don't deserve upward mobility and try to put tings in place that would curtail someone's development. I have an impeccable record as mi try fi conduct my business in a professional way at all times. Mi might fall short sometimes, which is a mus cause mi anno Jesus Christ, but mi treat my work wid di utmost respect. Mi too ole fi a work a Lucky 38 so mi try and use mi brain an mi talent weh God gimme fi survive.

If Barak Obama never try offa di presidency him wouldn't inna di White House; if Oprah never try offa her own show and network she wouldn't have the empire or be the woman she is today...Miss Kitty just haffi try too.

Unnu can always listen to mi on from 5-9 a.m. and mi deh yah fi unnu as always. To thine own self be true, and anybody wid a good mind cyaa fault me fi trying and want to grow. Ambition inna mi blood! Memba a me seh independent straight! Wuk fi weh yuh want! Name pon title, owna house, owna money, owna car...a wah do some sallybug! Mi haffi look it and though life is full of lots of unexpected curves, yuh naa go know how skilled yuh are til yuh tek on some a dem. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Mi deh yah fi unnu same way, and mi hope unnu deh yah fi mi too! Love unnu! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

By di way, big up Jonnah and Sassy Silva for being crowned the Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall 2013! Show did bad! Mi wish dem all di best. God bless unnu!

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