Khago covers John Legend's 'Tonight'

High-riding dancehall star Khago recently released a cover of R&B superstar John Legend's Tonight (Best You've Ever Had).

Khago's version of Tonight, which was produced by Downsound Records, is currently blowing up FM radio.

Khago said after listening to Tonight a number of times, the lyrics of the song got stuck in his head, and he decided to cover it.

"This song is a type of song that once you listen to it, it just sticks in your brain. After listening to it over and over, I liked it so much I found myself singing it. The lyrics are awesome. John Legend is a superb vocalist, too. Everything about the song is just wonderful," said Khago.

"I couldn't resist; I had to cover Tonight. People who really know Khago know I am not just a deejay, I'm also a very good singer, so I did this song to show my versatility as well," he added.

Khago is also enjoying attention with hit singles such as Road Dawg and the highly controversial Marina Stretch Out.

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