Dancehall artiste, Mr Vegas has collaborated with R&B Superstar, Beyoncé on the remix of her song Standing In The Sun.

"The song is already done. It is basically being serviced to radio channels over seas," said the Bruk It Down singer.

The global superstar recently partnered with Swedish clothing line H&M for their summer campaign, releasing the single originally as part of an advertisement she featured in for the company.

The 31-year-old also performed the original version for the first time ever in her 'The Mrs. Carter World Tour'. The remixed version however, features Vegas' vocals and a faster rhythm, as they wantedto give the song a reggae vibe.

"They were basically looking for a reggae mix okay, a dancehall mix so they wanted to get a reggae artiste," said Vegas.

approached in April

"They were throwing names at the project and so when they threw Mr Vegas' name at the project they accepted and they agreed to go in that direction," he added.

Vegas, who was approached in April by Beyoncé's representatives, immediately jumped at the opportunity and started recording the reggae-infused summer banger with producers Danny Browne and Cleveland 'Clevie' Browne.

"I got the project and I just went for the best producers in Jamaica," Vegas revealed.

Danny Browne has previously worked with Vegas on his hit Heads High and a long list of other artistes like Garnet Silk, Richie Stephens, Beenie Man and Spragga Benz. While Danny Browne was one of the producers on Sean Paul and Sasha's interpolation of Alton Ellis' I'm Still In Love With You.

The song which features the R&B superstar speaking in Spanish, radiates sensuality with lyrics like, "I can't deny your desire, feel like I'm on fire. When you touch me, I feel the flame they can never feel."

After making some changes to the track, Vegas was awaiting Beyoncéto finish her 'Mrs. Carter World Tour'before the song would have been released. However, the track was recently leaked on the Internet and has been getting positive reviews from fans since.

"She (Beyoncé) listened to the record and they wanted me to change a few things so I went back into the studio and then she went on tour and I had to wait," added Vegas.

"The end result is what you see burning up the Internet."

Beyoncé has reportedly been working on her upcoming album since last summer and it is unclear whether or not the song will feature on the album. However, If it does, she will follow in the most recent footsteps of hip-hop superstars Kanye West and her husband, Jay Z, in featuring Jamaican musicians on their albums.

Vegas' publicist, Nesta Morgan was extremely enthused by the track.

"The song is really good actually. The fusion of her pop, hip-hop sound and his dancehall sound is really good and I think it signals a resurgence for reggae and dancehall music internationally."

Mr Vegas has produced hits such as Hot Wuk, Taxi Fare and Tek Weh Yuhself in recent times and is shooting videos for three of his latest songs.

"We shooting a video as we speak for Love Yourself done with Krystle Brown, then we got Give It To Har and Come Here Bubbla," said Vegas.

Additionally he is putting the finishing touches to his upcoming album, Bruk It Down 2.0, and hopes to release it soon.

"The album Bruk It Down 2.0 will be coming soon as well, like September soon," he closed.

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