Spice, Kalado ...Forced to cancel tour

Dancehall artistes, Spice and Kalado, have cancelled their joint month-long European tour due to several issues with their European agent.

The tour was supposed to commence this month and conclude in September. However, Spice says plans have gone regrettably sour because of (poor) organisation.

"The tour was cancelled because of the lack of professionalism and poor communication. When we got the confirmation it wasn't what we agreed on, so we decided to cancel it," Spice told The STAR.

The artiste says she has suffered a major financial setback because of the tour's cancellation.

"I have lost a lot of income because I rejected a lot of shows in the U.S (United States) for this month because I expected to be on a tour in Europe. I ended up losing about two months of income because of this problem," she continued.

"I want to apologise to my fans in Europe, I am sorry that I didn't get to give you the performance that you were expecting. We are currently in talks with other European agents, so you will definitely get a chance to see us within the next few months," she said.

Spice and Kalado recently collaborated for a single produced by Dre Day productions. The artistes were planning to start promotion for the song in Europe, but are now forced to reconsider their promotional strategy.

Spice recently celebrated her birthday on August 6. She was one of the first females to appear on a Dream Weekend line-up since it's over six years existence.

Her Notnice Records-produced single Suh Mi Like It, currently has over five million views on YouTube.com.


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