The Guinness Sounds Of Greatness clash featuring Ricky Trooper and Black Katt

Ricky Trooper
Black Katt 

The Guinness Sounds Of Greatness clash featuring Ricky Trooper and Black Katt promised to be great but on judgement night one sound fell way below expectation while the other tore it to shreds.

When patrons turned out at the Chinese Benevolent Association venue they expected a fierce battle between old rivals Ricky Trooper and Panther of Black Katt.

Even guest judge Jenny Jenny made her expectations known from early, stating that it was two big sounds and she expected them to bring it.

A similar expectation was pronounced by fellow judge Colin Hines and he declared that he expected to see a brawland a dog fight.

But Black Katt's strong man Panther was absent. The selector had another engagement and as such a younger selector was sent into the lion's den to battle Ricky Trooper.

Ricky Trooper decided to draw first blood and played Buju Banton selections such as Untold Stories and Not An Easy Road as he had the crowd yelling and knocking pot covers in approval.

"Wey di real fans dem deh wey a listen to mi from mi a play Killamanjaro," he said.

He then played Bush Man's Call The Hearse and warned Black Katt that he would kill them with Vybz Kartel even though he was in prison, after which he played Vybz Kartel's Nuh More Dan Mi and exited.

Black Katt came next and played Sizzla's Rise To The Occasion.

"Hey bwoy yu thing sey mi a walk ova," he said and played Buju Bantons Bongo Cart. For this song he got a favourable response from the crowd.

However, things began to fade for them when they played Elephant Man's Yu Too Bad Mind, and Hear My Cry O Lord by Marvia Providence.

better juggling

Apparently the Lord didn't hear Black Katt's plea because the audience stood motionless and watched without any 'forwards'.

Both judges agreed that Ricky Trooper played a better juggling set and so it was time for round Two, the 'five for five' round.

Black Katt went first, and decided that they were going to turn up their war machinery.

"A bad people time now," the selector bellowed over the microphone.

He then proceeded to play Tiger's Nuh Wanga Gut, Bounty Killer's Warlord Nuh Business and eventually exited with Vybz Kartel's Sey Wey Yu Feel Fi Sey.

Ricky Trooper replied with old school dubplates such a Ninja Man's Murda Dem among others.

"All who know sey Black Katt ago dead, push up uno hand, big-up Squingy, when wi a clash a kill wi kill sound," he said to an uproar.

As the clash progressed Ricky Trooper continued to school the young selector from Black Katt.

The crowd was in a no nonsense mood, and so while Ricky Trooper whipped him, they showered Black Katt's selections with boos.

According to Jenny Jenny, Black Katt had been badly damaged and seemed unprepared, and she declared Trooper the victor.

Colin Hines said Black Katt's main problem was their 'mike man' who introduced the songs poorly.

Ricky Trooper moves on to the next round, and next week's matchup will be Black Blunt vs Maestro.          

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