Assassin records under new name - Artiste releases song with different voice


Not necessarily an alter ego just yet, but Assassin has recorded a song with a new name and a different voice.

Under the moniker 'Wash Belly', Assassin has done a song called Up In A Life on Boardhouse Records' 'Big Dog' Rhythm that was released more than a month ago.

He explained that the Wash Belly character came about when he was writing a song for someone on the rhythm and then went on to do a demo. After the song was complete, "somebody was saying it sounds good as it is."

Assassin said it was then released as a song done by Wash Belly. However, the artiste said he would not necessarily say it is an alter ego.

"It wouldn't be an alter ego 'cause I had no intention of claiming credit for it. I was just putting songs out as somebody else who doesn't exist. The initial idea was to just put this song out as a mystery artiste kinda vibe," said the artiste, who refers to his more conscious side as Agent Sasco.

new challenge

Since the release of the song, even without the name Assassin being attached to it, he said the reviews have been good.

"Everybody a seh da artiste ya must buss. I take it as a new challenge that I am looking forward to. It is just something interesting to do," he said.

But as for the future of Wash Belly, Assassin said he does not have another song lined up as yet, but he might explore the idea of making it an alter ego.

"I guess I will go into the alter ego kinda vibe and find a personality for the character. For now, it's recording a song with a different vibe that is not Assassin or Agent Sasco. Where it goes from there? I am still trying to figure that out," he told THE STAR.

While the experience is new and fun, Assassin said there is also a sad reality in the story. The deejay said that despite the good reception on the Internet, the song is not played on the air.

"People appreciate the song when they hear it but the song doesn't get played. It highlights a sad reality that not a lot of people are willing to play new artistes. If we don't introduce new artistes and new talent, what is going to be the future?" he questioned.

Nonetheless, he said he is currently pushing upcoming artistes like Ricky Frass, Lady Ali, Max Element and Tajii.

In addition, he said he is contemplating a music video for his song Late and another song, JPS, which is also doing well. 

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